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Your happiness is our main concern; that is why our products contain
both quality materials and the love we have for children all around the world,
as well as the desire to put smiles on their cute little faces.

Special gifts for your baby’s happiness and comfort!

We at Miniboo wish to give a new meaning to every evening bath ritual, so we would like to offer you magical moments with your little angel! Our super-soft and super-absorbent bath towel comes with 2 amazing surprise bonuses!

An entire professional crew has been working to create, for you and your little one, an e-book containing 10 wonderful stories and 1 digital album with 10 magical lullabies meant to provide your baby with the most peaceful sleep ever.

We want to give you the perfect routine by converting bathing into the most pleasant moment of the day.

After a pleasant bath, snuggle your child in our soft and warm towel, and then read him one of our amazing stories while relaxing songs, which we have created especially for you two, play in the background.



Our hooded bath towel is made of natural bamboo fiber, which has many unique properties making it an excellent choice for a baby’s sensitive skin.

Bamboo fabric is soft and very absorbent, removing moisture faster than ordinary cotton. Additionally, it has a higher quality by its resistance to odor, mold and bacteria.

Bamboo is considered to be a miraculous plant because of its ability to regenerate extremely quickly. The plant can grow without using any chemicals, like pesticides or fungicides, making it the safest and healthiest fabric for your baby’s skin.

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Here are five characteristics a parent
should know about bamboo:


Anti-bacterial and

Organic bamboo fiber is naturally anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic, lacking any kind of substances that could harm your baby’s skin. Bamboo keeps away all the bacteria from your baby’s skin due to the “bamboo kun” agent, which prevents them from appearing.



Bamboo fabric is three times more absorbent than cotton and can absorb up to three times its weight in water. Also, it keeps moisture away leaving your baby fresh and dry.


Bamboo fiber is
extremely durable

and can withstand countless washes. Natural bamboo fibers are tough enough to give the towel durability over time, yet soft enough for you baby’s skin.


Extremely soft
and non-irritant

Unlike other materials used in the making of different towels, bamboo fabric has an amazing silky texture, perfect for sensitive skin or for those with skin allergies such as eczema or dermatitis.


Safe and healthy for
your baby’s skin.

Bamboo is a natural renewable resource and it has a fast and organic growth, which does not utilize pesticides or any harmful substances. Therefore, you can be sure your baby’s skin will be kept out of danger at all times.


Our little girl looks adorable after each bath wearing this towel with a bear design. Also, this hooded towel is much thicker, softer and much larger than the other bath towels we've used so far.


It is an excellent product with a premium quality material and a design so cute that when we use it, we can’t help but smile, and give our little boy a thousand hugs and kisses!


An extraordinary product that meets the highest demands of a parent! It absorbs water very well, it is extremely soft, and most importantly it is hypoallergenic, which makes it perfect for the sensitive skin of babies.


The towel is very soft to the touch, and this is due to bamboo fabric, which is of very good quality. It is very suitable for my baby's delicate skin. I'm more than pleased about the quality of this product!


I bought this towel for a gift. I enjoyed it very much when I got it and I saw that the packaging looked so stylish. I think it's an ideal baby shower gift choice.


We first purchased this towel for our 2-year-old girl, and seeing its excellent quality and how much our little girl loves it, we chose to offer it as a gift to all our friends who are going to become parents.


The perfect
gift idea!

The lovely design of our bamboo bath towel makes it a wonderful birthday gift for a child or a soon-to-be-born baby.

Our hooded baby towel is wrapped in a special and elegant box making it the perfect gift for future mothers or for those who just want to spoil their children with an exceptional towel.

Any future mother would be extremely happy and appreciative for the high quality of our hooded towel. All she needs is a few seconds to realize how special, amazing and useful the gift is!

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